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Romalu Lukaku : If it is not me, it is Pogba or Sanchez

Romelu Lukaku has hit out at Manchester United for not doing enough to safeguard him within the media and claims he, Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez were frequently made scapegoats.

Belgium international Lukaku joined inter before the close of the Premier League transfer window for €80 million (£74m/$90m) , just 2 years on from his move to old Trafford from Everton.

The 26-year-old was criticised every now and then for his well-rounded play at the top of the attack underneath former boss Jose Mourinho and he was supplanted as first-choice striker by Marcus Rashford once Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took charge.

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Lukaku feels there was an unjust focus on his performances as well as those of Pogba and Sanchez, who has been tipped to affix him at inter.

“They need to realize someone,” Lukaku told the LightHarted Podcast, apparently recorded before his inter move. “It is Pogba, it’s me or it’s Alexis. it is the 3 people all the time.

“They have gotten to find someone guilty. I place my hand up, like, this year i don’t think i was the sole one playing bad. a lot of individuals were playing bad but they had to search out the culprit.

“If they want to place the blame on me, you recognize what, f*** it, do what you gotta do.

“I assume the team has so much potential to do some nice stuff. there’s a great deal of talent. however it’s not solely talent; you really got to build a team.”

Lukaku additionally took issue with suggestions he did not suit Solskjaer’s intended kind of play.

“A lot of individuals do not assume I should be a part of that system,” he said. “That’s my feeling from the conversations that I even have. I just know.

“For me, the factor that makes me laugh a lot is: how the hell is s*** going unhealthy in my team, however once I play in my national team, it’s good? and i am happy.

“I did not play the last six weeks of the league, just like the last 3 weeks or one thing before the end of the season and so I had another 3 weeks off before I had to play for the national team, and so we have a tendency to go and play with the Belgium team.

“And no one there complains as a result of i believe the perception in my country is changing slightly. a great deal of individuals were saying a lot of stuff. For me, it took years for a lot of individuals to alter their perception. Man U might not get that point. It’s s*** that it happens like that.

“When i go and play for my country, we have a tendency to play the style of play that we wish to play probably with Man United and i move over there. therefore is it me? Four goals within the World Cup, 3 weeks ago I scored 3 goals in 2 games, and before that we have a tendency to contend Switzerland and iceland in Sept and I scored four goals in 2 games. I’ve scored forty eight goals for my country.

“We all recognize that international soccer|football|football game} is completely different than club football however the enjoying style we play within the national team is the one we want to play at Man United. therefore is it me? Or do we got to have a conversation from man to man and tell one another the rules?”

Lukaku added that he felt United failed to do enough to defend him once rumours emerged towards the end of last season that he wouldn’t be staying at the club.

“I assume a great deal of stuff has been aforesaid wherever I did not feel protected,” he added. “A lot of rumours, ‘Rom is going to go there, they don’t wish Rom’ and no-one came out and shot it down.

“It was for a good three, four weeks. i’m waiting for somebody to come back out and shut it down. It did not happen. I had my conversation, told them it was better to travel our separate ways that. I simply wished you to say, ‘Rom is going to fight for his place’, however it ne’er happened for four, five months.

“It was all, ‘He’s ought to go, he doesn’t deserve to be there’. Well, okay, then i need to go now. there is fighting for your position, however also being somewhere that individuals wish you to be.

“If you are happy, you find a way, it doesn’t matter if you are on the bench or starting. however no one told me that was the situation, therefore i believed for 2, 3 weeks to analyse, see all this s*** coming out within the media. who leaks it? Not me. Not my agent. I see it on my phone come out of nowhere.

“I told them, ‘It’s not sensible for me to be at a place where i am not wanted’.

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