why didn’t he complained complaining during Chelsea, PSG & Madrid controversies

The Barca star has been on the right side of some very debatable calls in the past but is only now complaining when things have gone against him

Much the same as the flip of a coin, a disputable refereeing choice has different sides. It’s sheltered to state that  Lionel Messi battled with being on the wrong end of such calls during the 2019 Copa America.

At club level with Barcelona, Messi has once in a while wound up on the correct side of a begging to be proven wrong choice.

From the Catalans’ Champions League semi-final win over Chelsea in 2009 to their uncommon rebound against PSG in 2017, there have been very announced examples where the footballing divine beings have smiled on the Argentina star. Obviously, he never ceased to address such fortune on these events.

In any case, in Brazil over the previous month, his country were not so fortunate – even with VAR viewing on. Various choices conflicted with Argentina and their chief, as Messi by and by neglected to genuinely shine on the global stage.

While question marks appropriately whirl around various calls, including the 32-year-old’s sending off in the third-place play-off against Chile, there is no question his lead following that game – and after his side’s semi-final misfortune to Brazil – has left plenty to be wanted, with players and mentors alike questioning his lack of ‘regard’.

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Messi would not acknowledge his third-place medal on Saturday and claimed that the competition had been fixed for the hosts, as his disappointment bubbled over in revolting and – apparently – double-dealing design.

“There is no uncertainty, the entire thing is set up for Brazil,” Messi snapped. “I would not like to be a piece of this corruption, we shouldn’t need to be a piece of this insolence we endured during the Copa America.

“We could have gone further yet we weren’t permitted into the final. Corruption, officials and all the rest prevented individuals from getting a charge out of the football.

“I generally come clean and I’m honest, that is the thing that keeps me quiet, if what I state has repercussions that isn’t my business.”

The reality of the situation, in any case, is football is frequently a round of 50-50s and Messi has recently stayed silent when bad calls have profited him.

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