Montenegro v England: Tackling racism in the society must come first, warns Barnes

Banning Montenegro or calling for players to stroll off the pitch when they hear bigot misuse isn’t the solution to football’s issues, as indicated by previous England winger John Barnes.

England’s 5-1 win in Montenegro on Monday was dominated by a few of their dark players being racially manhandled by home fans.
It can’t go on without serious consequences yet we have it the incorrect route around,” said Barnes.

Barnes, who played multiple times for England and endured bigot maltreatment all through his vocation, included: “It’s double-dealing for us in this nation to take a gander at Montenegro and state how horrible it is the point at which it happens each week in this nation.

“Attempt to make sense of an approach to stop individuals needing to boo since somebody is dark. We should see what’s happening in the public arena and endeavor to handle it.”

There have been recommendations that Montenegro ought to have focuses deducted from their European Championship qualifying effort, or be rejected from the challenge.

After Monday’s match, England supervisor Gareth Southgate was asked whether he ought to have taken his group off the pitch, yet Barnes does not feel either choice is commonsense.

“In the event that we need to toss groups out, at that point I will oblige that yet this is the issue – don’t simply single out Montenegro, single out everyone,” he said.

“Ought to Chelsea be tossed out the Premier League for supposed supremacist maltreatment of Raheem Sterling? What’s more, it’s not simply Chelsea, I’m certain it occurs at Liverpool too and I’m certain at each football arena there will be supremacist misuse.

Strolling off, for me, isn’t the appropriate response. Who chooses what you’ve heard? What number of individuals do you need to hear? One? So on the off chance that you hear one everyone strolls off? Or on the other hand does it need to be 10 or does it need to be 100? Who chooses.

“Is it a dark player or a white player that is going to stroll off? On the off chance that a dark player doesn’t stroll off does that make it OK for the white players? Or on the other hand are they at fault since they don’t stroll off.

Notwithstanding, Troy Townsend, head of improvement for hostile to bigotry philanthropy Kick It Out, addressed whether European football’s administering body Uefa was “bold enough” to forbid groups from rivalries.

“What I might want is arena terminations, ejections from rivalries, alliances considered responsible for the players as well as the supporters in their consideration,” said Townsend.

The first occasion when that happens [expulsion from a tournament] it will send an enormous message out this isn’t satisfactory any more.

I accept there will be the point at which we will get to a phase where players will bring the issue into their own hands, and administrators will make the wisest decision for those players and consider the way that possibly it’s not justified, despite any potential benefits only for three points.

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